Klein Karoo Klassique | Leaf | Thijs Nel Solo

Posted on: 2016-07-19






For as long as I can remember the flora on the farms where I grew up, fascinated me. The endless variety, similar but never the same as nothing in nature is duplicated…





Later on the leaf had become a metaphor … papyrus… for communication. As time went by the leaf motive nestled like landscape, still life and window, in my creative vocabulary.


It is explored in various media: painting, drawings, graphics, three dimensional paper sculpture as well as ceramic objects.



Apart from communication through writing I find the LEAF also a metaphor for the phenomenon we call “human being”.

   No two human beings are the same… like leaves in nature – similar but never duplicated. Like leaves human beings are also just part of a never ending creative cycle: a gigantic recycling process;




birth, growth, death, compos. Only “spirit”, that which animates as LIFE FORCE which we cannot see, hear, taste or touch, remains eternal. The rest gets recycled through the ageless seasons.


We live constantly in a world of non-communication… a Babylonia.




It is also part of the never ending repetitive, evolutionary, creative process.


The leaves in my work will convey different messages to different people and everybody will find the communication echoing



from within a personal collective vocabulary. With “vocabulary” in this case I hope through all the sense perceptions. - Thijs Nel




Join us for our Klassique opening night on the 11th of August, at 18:00-18:30. We will open our three main exhibitions forming part of the Klein Karoo Klassique. Special wine tasting by Calitzdorp Cellars.