Klein Karoo Klassique | Sound Embodied | Group Exhibition

Posted on: 2016-07-21

SOUND EMBODIED Sound has no form except vibrations. The human eye and the ear share a sense of harmonious rhythm – one registering it as sound and the other as line and colour.

Dancing is an engaging way of giving form to sound as music - the encapsulation of the harmonious orchestration of sound.

The deeply rooted compulsion to move to music becomes the mediation of the emotion, abstraction, harmony, disharmony and movement inherent in music.

Dancing, in it’s finest form , expresses and explores the rich ‘canvas’ of all of the dimensions of music.

The static images portraying a single moment in the magic of motion has the same engaging value as the moments of suspended time, when a seasoned dancer seem to slow down time, in a powerful leap before gracefully landing back on the stage.

Emotion and immersion into the music takes on the form of fluid line and flowing colours in and around the image of the dancer translated into a graphic image.



Join us for our Klassique opening night on the 11th of August, at 18:00-18:30. We will open our three main exhibitions forming part of the Klein Karoo Klassique. Special wine tasting by Calitzdorp Cellars.