ArtKaroo Outdoors


Ultimate Karoo Outdoor Art Experience!

Book now for your exclusive field-trip. Whether you are an established artist looking for fresh inspiration or just a creative person wanting to discover your talent in the company of other artists... this is for you.

ArtKaroo Outdoors is art therapy outdoors; sketching and painting in the veldt with the freshest air in South Africa pumping through your veins. Enjoy the goodness of the Karoo biosphere while soaking up the rugged beauty of this semi desert paradise. And when you leave, you take a part of the Karoo fabric with you, that warm feeling of being at one with nature captured on your canvas.

Paint, canvasses, brushes and easles are provided; basic creature comforts are catered for; a picnic basket filled with vegetarian cuisine, various teas, coffee and locally produced wine to nourish the creative appetite. This is for the novice artist as well as the more experienced. ArtKaroo Outdoors tours are accompanied by an established artist.

Enjoy beautiful Karoo scenery, stimulating conversation, while indulging in life's ultimate reward - creativity! Let the Karoo inspire you!

ArtKaroo Outdoors tours are available for half day, full day or three days. We keep the groups small and personal, 4 - 8 people, and are fully catered. Contact us with your special requirements. Tours are individually tailored for each group. Click here for sample itinerary. Your itinerary may include walking in the veldt with an expert on succulents, viewing Khoi-San rock art, joining some of our local artists for dinner and stimulating conversation, tasting locally produced wine, chocolate, cheese and olives or an afternoon of beauty therapy after experiencing the Cango Caves. Come and enjoy the excellent hospitality from our luxurious guest houses.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about ArtKaroo Outdoors.