Judy Bumstead


Oil on canvas_76cmx38cm

Sunbeam-Vance packard series
Oil on canvas_100.5cmx75.5cm

Adder Frame

Snake Frame

Cold Afternoon
Oil on canvas_25cmx20cm

Tylecodon cacalioides
Oil on canvas_50.5cmx50.5cm

Cat on mat
Oil on canvas_31cmx31cm

With seeded background
Oil on canvas_46x46cm

Oil on canvas_20x25cm

Ammocharis coranica
Oil on canvas_20x25cm

Peaceful View
Oil on canvas_91x60.5cm

Melkbos 1
Oil on canvas_91x76cm

Glottiphyllum and Crassula
Oil on canvas_91x60.5cm

Vance Packard series yellow
Oil on canvas

Bunch of fynbos
Oil on canvas_72x72cm

Small Succulent 9
Oil on canvas_15x15cm

Small Succulent 3
Oil on canvas_15x15cm

Small Succulent 2
Oil on canvas_15x15cm

Veld Lament
Mixed Media_145x142cm

Aloe Microstigma
Oil on canvas_60x90cm

The Blessing
Oil on Canvas
more detail

Oil on Canvas
more detail

Double Headed Microstigma
Oil on Canvas - 71x89cm

Oil on Canvas -61X46
more detail

Looking South
Oil on Canvas, 77x91cm SOLD

Melkbos 3
Oil on Canvas, 92x76cm SOLD

Melkbos 2
Oil on Canvas, 61x91cm

Oil on Canvas, 101x51cm

Apricots 3
Oil on Canvas 26x26cm

Cotyledon Nov'14
Oil on Canvas, 45x61cm, SOLD

Oil on Canvas, 38x76cm, SOLD

Botterboom 2
Oil on Canvas, 89x122cm, SOLD

Microstigma Innibos
Oil on Canvas, 76x38cm, SOLD

Yellow Microstigma
Oil on Canvas, 78x37cm

Oil on Canvas, 45x44cm

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