Francois Tiran

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Francois Tiran was was Principal of both Tygerberg Art Centre and the Hugo Naude Art School in Worcester, until he moved to the Karoo in 1992 and took up painting full time. Since then he has continued to create and exhibit in both solo and group exhibitions to mentor younger artists. In spite of the expressionistic nature of his large colourful oils, his temperament tends to avoid publicity, keeping his work close to home at his studio or in local galleries.

      The imagery of my paintings, both abstract and nudes, can best be described by the so called “butterfly effect”. If a butterfly flaps its wings, say in the Amazon, not only does this action move the air particles in the atmosphere there, but reverberates far into the universe and in the whole of the cosmos. One square inch of red in a painting of a one square meter can dominate the vortex of movement, balance, contrast, harmony and unity in a painting.

Since 1969 I have been looking for the perfect balance of an intellectual, emotional and the chance effect, (tapping into the unconscious mind), to bring the design of the painting in harmony with man and his environment. So that both you and I can hopefully become one with nature and out fellow man. Therefore, my style has changed from “less is more” to “less is a bore” and will most likely change with new experiments in the future into unchartered styles.

When a painting leaves my studio, it takes on a new life of its own. From past experience I believe that the owners children have already laid claim to inheriting certain paintings with which they identify.

I firmly believe in the theories of Schrödinger and Heisenburg, that by looking a picture, you create a new image and therefore make a painting your own.


I work mainly in oil paint on canvas. I was an art lecturer for 22 years before I became a full-time artist in 1992.


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