Stephen le Roux Parsons

      One of the things I love about working the way I do is that I never quite know exactly how the finished product will look. This is deliberate.

I am a bit of a control freak, and when I began my Phergles, I tried to impose specific meanings and messages on them. It didn’t work. The sculptures felt contrived. It was only when I learned to “let go” and trust my subconscious to carry creative responsibility that the flow of real ideas came.

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Artkaroo Art News - Figures made easy
Figures made easy

Explore the dynamics and skills of figurative drawing with different mediums including oils. 09:00-17:00 Saturday and Sunday by Hein Botha.

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Artkaroo Art News - Things to live by
Things to live by

Things to live by is functional art by various artist like Thijs Nel, Janet Dixon, Susqya Williams, Francois Tiran and more.

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Artkaroo Art News - opening dates and times
opening dates and times

Opening dates and times of Artkaroo.

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