Thijs Nel


Tiles (Big)
Ceramic - 20cmx25cm

Ceramic - 15cmx15cm

Mixed media on canvas - 122cmx152cm

Red still Life
Acrylic on canvas - 550 x 550 cm

Growth 2017
Acrylic on canvas - 550 x 550 cm

Spiral 2017
Acrylic on canvas - 550 x 550 cm

Blue Portrait
Acrylic on Canvas - 500x450 cm

Joy in Abundance
Acrylic on Canvas - 1215 x 910 cm

Evolution through reincarnation and transmigration
Acrylic on canvas - 1215x910cm

367 Yorke courtyard
Oil on canvas - 105cmx95cm

Full moon
Acrylic collage - 30cmx30cm

Energy line
Mixed media on canvas - 141cmx152cm

Klein Karoo winter
Acrylic and mixed media - 90x122cm

Mixed media - 150cmx129cm

I see you
Mixed media - 30cmx30cm

Whirlwind in the landscape
Acrylic on canvas - 55cmx45.5cm

Earth mother, Sky father 3
Acrylic and pigment on canvas - 76x60.5cm

Spirit of place
Acrylic, Paper and pigment - 55.5cmx45.5cm

Boxed into the landscape
Acrylic, Paper, and Pigment - 30cmx30cm

Mixed media - 30cmx30cm

Karoo Landscape
Acrylic on canvas 91cmx101.5cm

Leaf with crack

Sculptured leaf 2
Mixed media_55cmx77cm

Leaf: Window and landscape
Paper sculpture_71cmx25cm

Leaves and pods(Framed)

Appelboom blare
oil on canvas_99cmx78cm

Autumn leaf 1
Mixed media on canvas_76cmx101.5cm

Leaf Transfiguration
Acrylic on canvas_122.5x102.5cm

Evolution leaf, fish, bird
Mixed media_121.5x101cm

Sea Dream
Mixed media on Paper_141cmx110cm

Out of the Depths
Paper Sculpture Mixed Media, 90.3x60cm

Mystic Evolution
Sculpture, 40x35x23cm

Sculpture, 40x45x30cm SOLD

Remnants of the Catacombs of My Mind
Mixed Media on paper on board, 100x130x3cm

The Scream 15x15x16cm

Light Holder Mouse
Ceramic, 15x15.5cm

Paper Sculpture(pulpon Handmade Paper)

Hear No Evil/ See No Evil/ Speak no Evil
Paper Sculpture, 56.5x26cm

Primal Sculpture "She"
Ceramic sculpture "she", 50x23cm

Primal Sculpture
Ceramic Sculpture

These Are Not Leaves
Paper sculpture

Paper sculpture + Acrylic pigment

Images from African Renaissance
Brick Sculpture

Sun King wall
Mixed Media

Acrylic On Canvas

Mixed Media
more detail

To Hell and Back Images for an African Renaissance

Karoo Venus

Acrylic on Canvas, 126x105cm

Red Hills
Oil on Canvas, 103x122cm

Klein Karoo Graffitti
Acrylic on Canvas, 124x124cm

Window In|Out
Acrylic on Canvas, 95x125cm

Mixed media o Canvas, 154x123cm

Ceramic Vessel Sculpture
Mixed Clay Stoneware Ceramics, 25x75cm

Ceramic Vessel Sculptures
Mixed Clay Stoneware Ceramics, 35x75cm

Landscape musing
Oil on Canvas, 77.5x77.5cm

Studio Window 2
Acrylic on Canvas, 126x116cm, Framed

Studio Window 1
Acrylic on Canvas, 96x105cm, Framed

Night Rider, 1972 Paris
Acrylic on Canvas, 95x159cm

Acrylic Canvas 60x77cm

Sea and Sky
Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100cm

Explosion of Blue, Red, Green & Yellow
Acrylic on Canvas, 91x81cm

Epicenter No. 2
Acrylic on Canvas, 76x76cm

Volmoed Landskap
Oil on Canvas, 75x100cm

Valley of Desolation
Acrylic on Canvas, 122x101cm SOLD

Little Karoo Night
Acrylic and Pigment on Canvas, 152x142cm

Transfiguration in Landscape
Acrylic and Pigment on Canvas, 150x130cm

Towards Summer
Acrylic on Canvas, 89x118cm

Towards Mossel Bay
Acrylic on Canvas, 150xx139x4cm

Dividing Line
Acrylic on Canvas, 81x91cm

Surfing at Sunrise
Acrylic on Canvas, 153x121cm

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