Janet Dixon


Moonrise near Montagu
Acrylic on canvas 1cmx1cm

Klein Karoo screen
Mixed media superwood, steel - 193x145cm

Treasure chest
Reclaimed wood and acrylic - 118cmx31cm

Crazy cupboard
Cupboard - 152cmx76.5cmx23.5cm

Mixed media on board-40cmx44cm

Mixed media on board-40cmx44cm SOLD

Mixed media on board-40cmx44cm

The path we came by.
Oil on canvas - 120cmx90cm

Endless feast
Oil on canvas_140cmx60cmx4.5cm SOLD

Crimson Fringes
Acrylic on canvas_70cmx50cmx4.5cm SOLD

All Golden afternoon 2
Oil on canvas_100cmx60cmx4.5cm

All Golden afternoon 1
Oil on canvas_100cmx60cmx4.5cm

Sundown skirts the moor
Oil and mixed media_120cmx90cmx4.5cm

Slowly steals a silver flame
Acrylic on canvas_120cmx90cmx4.5 SOLD

Life, a fury slinging flame
Acrylic + Mixed media_120cmx90cmx4.5cm

Sandstone Temple (Baviaanskloof)
Acrylic on canvas 120x90cm

Where Watermaidens Lurk
Acrylic on canvas 1200x1000cm SOLD

Heat Haze
Acrylic on canvas 61x45.5

Acrylic on canvas 98.3x114.5cm

Full Circle
Acrylic on canvas 61x45.5

Bells In The Bush
Acrylic on canvas 30x40

New day in Paradise
Oil on canvas

Rock Art 1 Sculpture in Sandstone
Oil on Canvas, 40x50cm

Up Rooted
Oil on Canvas, 102x102cm

Winging it
Charcoal and Oil on Board, 35x45cm, SOLD Framed

Silver Lining
Charcoal and Oil on Pastel Paper, 29x41cm, Framed, SOLD

Immortalised 3
Charcoal on Fine Art Paper,SOLD, 21x29cm, Framed

Immortalised 2
Charcoal on Fine Art Paper,SOLD, 21x29cm

Karoo Nouveau Grey & Gold
Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40x3cm

Karoo Nouveau Meerkat Family
Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40x3cm SOLD

Acrylic on Canvas, 42x51cm, SOLD

Parallel Universe
Acrylic on Canvas, 90x120cm

Cottonwool Clouds over the Klein Karoo
Acrylic on Canvas, 90x120cm, SOLD

Veld in Flower
Oil on Canvas, 61x55cm

The Glow
Oil on Canvas, 40x30cm, Framed

Light Relief
Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

Matjiesrivier Morning
Oil on Canvas,framed , 61x45cm SOLD

Oil on Canvas, 40x30cm

After Turbulence
Oil on Canvas, 42x60cm SOLD

Winter 2
Acrylic on Canvas, 60x30cm SOLD

Winter 1
Acrylic on Canvas, 60x30cm SOLD

Towards Kruisrivier
Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30cm

Staccato Shadows
Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30cm

On my path too
Acrylic on Canvas, 75x60cm

Breathing it in
Acrylic on Canvas, 42x30cm

Acrylic on Canvas, 91x128cm

The Catch
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas, 50x70cm

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas, 50x70cm, SOLD

Exceeding Expectations
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas, 100x100cm SOLD

Surprise in Bloom
Oil on Canvas, 50x30cm

Soul Skin
Acrylic on Canvas, 120x90cm

Oil on Canvas, 45x35cm

Serenity and Vitality
Acrylic on Canvas, 120x90cm, SOLD

Odd One Out
Acrylic on Canvas, 120x90cm

Earthed and Whole
Acrylic on Canvas, 120x90cm

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